Monday, November 5, 2012

HISTORICAL POST: December 19, 2002

December 19 Breakfast today is canned grapefruit sections. Dinner last night was Trader Joe's fire roasted vegetable ravioli (I have not been paid a promotional fee by Trader Joe's) with Ragu Old World pasta sauce (I have not been paid a promotional fee by Ragu, and what's more, "sugar" backwards is "ragus," and what it is, too) to which I added various spices. Lunch was tomato sandwiches on Lite Italian bread.

Today I will likely finish my piece for two marimbas, which sucks rocks. That is, the piece sucks rocks, not the finishing of it. Shun the passive voice! In the meantime, I videoed myself playing "jingle bells" in E major on my Jaymar toy piano (I have not been paid a promotional fee by Jay Eckardt and Marilyn Nonken) to e-mail to friends as my Holiday card. A select few (you know who you are) got an additional card of me playing it in C with my nose on a real piano. Also I made trips to BJs and Trader Joe's (neither of whom have paid a promotional fee) yesterday for staples.

On Tuesday I brought the Corolla in to the Acton Toyota dealership (no promotional fee) for its routine 15,000 mile service, using a discount coupon from, of all places, CVS (no promotional fee). At which time I found out that Staples and Trader Joes are soon to be in my own neighborhood, and various other stores such as Lane Bryant (no promotional fee) are to follow.

Beff's semester finishes today, and she is due home after dark tonight. Tomorrow night we take Big Mike out for Chinese buffet.

Today's picture is our Christmas tree seen in the room with no lights on. Thus the only light sources are the streetlight, the full moon (no promotional fee) and the strings of lights on the tree. The box under the tree is the holiday gift package from my brother in Vermont, which is likely, predictably, to have coffee, maple syrup, pickled fiddleheads, and Country Cow Cocoa in it.

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